Make It POP! With Unique Paper and Special Laminates and Sleeking

Make It POP!

We can create a variety of metallic colours by printing on top of silver and gold sleeking

As a designer (turned digital press operator), one of the biggest requests from clients is to make their product “POP” (insert image of jazz hands here.) From paper and ink to sleeking and laminating, there is an endless number of ways we can make your product POP! Well today is your lucky day! I am here to show you some of the ways we can “make it POP”


Canada150 WOW Package Tag printed on Stardream 105lb Cover Silver

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to change the entire look of your print material is to change your paper (this could be a whole blog post alone!) There are so many weights (thicknesses), colours and textures to choose from. There are so many choices it can be overwhelming. If you need suggestions ask! Often when jobs come through and I think it will look better on a different type of paper I will suggest a change to the client.

Agrarian Market Business Cards printed on Felt Natural 100C


Printing black ink on coloured or texture paper is a great way to make your print special while remaining cost effective. This wedding itinerary was printed with black ink on 80lb Ivory Linen Cover

Special Finishes
Gold, Silver, White, Clear! oh my!

Silver sleeking on a white Silk #100 Cover greeting card

Add some gold or silver to you logo, or an invitation to catch someones eye. A little can go a long way. Through experimenting we also found we can make many different metallic colours by printing a colour over top of gold or silver! Fun!

Our Clear option is a great way to accentuate something on a page or add a discreet design element.

Spot Clear Dry Ink used to add a subtle, elegant pattern to the inside of this presentation folder.

Soft Touch, Matte or Super Gloss finishes
Step up your game by adding the sense of touch/feel by using an overall soft touch laminate. (We encourage you to stop in and feel the difference!) An overall Matte lamination adds a classy feel to your design AND not to mention gives a super amazing effect over top of gold & silver.

A comparison image showing the effect of matte laminate over gold metallic sleeking. The image on the left shows how gold sleeking is softer and smoother with a matte laminate. The image on the right shows gold sleeking without any extra effects.

We recently discovered printing on top of Matte lam gives probably my favourite end result. (We are always experimenting to see what we can do!)

A solid red background was printed and then laminated with matte laminate. The text and illustration were then printed on top of the matte laminate.

But don’t take my word for it. Come in and grab one of our WOW packages where we showcase how to use some of these effects. Or have a peek at some of our previous jobs that use these effects.

Kate Carette
Digital Press Operator

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