This is Fun!

Paper can be interactive in a variety of ways. See how this ‘Pop’ Invitation gets attention, surprising the recipient with movement! Ask us how ‘The Pop’ can work for you. Call (613) 394-3245.

So Nice to Hear From Happy Clients!

Dr. John Marinovich, Marinovich Dental

Dr. John Marinovich of Marinovich Dental in Trenton, Ontario speaks highly of the products and services he receives from JB Print Solutions.
JB Print understands me and my business..

The Domtar Paper Fun Truck

Watch this smiles in the making video. What a great idea! This video marks the latest addition to Domtar's award-winning PAPER because campaign, which uses humor and facts to debunk myths about the paperless society. Thanks to Twosides for sharing!

Digital vs Paper

Opening an envelope can be surprisingly exciting, and 75% of people purchase as a result of direct mail. By linking the power of paper with the efficiency of electronics, we can streamline our communications and help maintain the best environmental and social balance possible. One interesting fact, however is that printing is the only medium with a one-time carbon footprint. All other media require energy every time they are viewed. For example, burning a CD alone produces 4 times as much CO2 as printing a single annual report. Perhaps you should print that email?

First Impressions from Our Intern

By Brian Chapman

So here I am, starting my first day as the Public Relations Intern for JB Print Solutions. Am I tweeting or dazzling the world with stories and events unfolding around me? No. Instead I am on the shop floor, in the trenches learning the crucial part of the job; the basics on how everything works. It’s the one thing Teresa and Mike, the owners, believe is the most important starting goal at JB; to know how the business is run from the basement before you can move up and understand the big decisions made in the penthouse.


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