We're Green


JB is a friend to the environment.

Being environmentally and socially responsible is important to us, and we recognize the need to balance your project with its environmental impact. We’re constantly staying on top of trends and techniques to implement greener ideas and to offset our environmental footprint.

The team at JB Print Solutions will work with you to choose the best processes: from finding the right paper for your project, to efficient use of the press sheet, and right down to the amount we can fit in a box to reduce shipping.

Shining the green light on our print shop.

For years, the printing industry has been on the forefront of sustainability. The development of more environmentally friendly inks, printing presses that last for years, and the fact that paper’s primary raw materials are renewable makes print a choice you can feel good about.

Paper has a story to tellReducing our Footprint on the Environment

By working closely with eco-conscious clients like you, we have implemented the following:

  • Designing smart to optimize press sheets
  • Choosing environmentally responsible papers with recycled post-consumer waste content from responsibly or scientifically managed forests
  • Using Energy Star copiers
  • Recycling as much material as possible including paper, corrugate, and plates
  • Using china mugs and plates in our lunchroom instead of disposable
  • Using digital proofs and chemical free plating system
  • Using low volatile organic compounds (VOC) inks, and solvent, vegetable based inks
  • All fountain solutions in press room are alcohol free
  • We encourage all employees to turn off all lights, computers and equipment not in use
  • Co-ordinate deliveries into most efficient routes minimizes transportation
  • We reduce waste

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